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Napos kitörés EA

The PZ Daily Breakout EA is a Metatrader Expert Advisor that trades daily breakouts placing bidirectional pending orders using the last day's trading range.
  • Easy to use and supervise
  • Fully configurable settings
  • Customizable break-even, stop-loss and take-profit levels
  • Customizable trading direction
  • Built-in money management
  • Works for ECN/Non-ECN brokers and 2-3-4-5 digit symbols
  • Trading can be FIFO (NFA) Compliant
Boost your trading returns for free with the PZ Daily Breakout EA, like hundreds of users have already done!



When loading the expert to any chart, you will be presented with a set of options as input parameters. Don't despair if you think they are too many, because parameters are grouped into self-explanatory blocks. Each functional parameter is explained below.

This group of settings applies to trading decisions and trade management. You can select trading direction, break-even in pips, trailing-stop in pips, trailing-step in pips, stop-loss in pip and take-profit in pips.
Money Management
In this settings block you can set the lotsize for the first trade, or allow the EA to calculate it by itself. I always recommend setting a manual lotsize for each trade.
EA Settings
You can select the magic number for the trades, custom comment and manual pip value if you need to override the one the default one. Do not change these unless you know what you are doing.

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